Springlicious 2015 is well underway! This year's festival will take place Friday, May 29, Saturday, May 30 and Sunday May 31. This uniquely grown festival will serve the best Niagara has to offer. Culinary delights, exceptional beers and wines, and diverse entertainment. Our historic downtown awaits with open arms to welcome visitors from near and far.

We are proud to report that our community festival has been recognized by the Mayor, City Council, Niagara Region and the Downtown Board of Management and is now deemed of "municipal significance." The growth and expansion of the event is accredited to diversifying entertainment and adding interactive components allowing us to appeal to a broader range of ages. The Food-Fun-Music Festival has been progressively evolving year after year, both in attendance and time spent at the event across the three days. Our 2014 attendance surpassed 34,000 participants.


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